Foreigners who want to visit Malaysia with other specific purpose (other than category stated above) have to apply for Visa With Reference (VDR). This type of visa can only be applied by sponsor / company / institution / organizer at the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Malaysia. Only after the approval of the said visa, the foreigner may apply for ‘entry visa’ from any Malaysian High Commission / Embassy / Consulate General / mission overseas. Then only they may enter the country.


Normally, VDR is required for Employment Pass (EP), Professional Visit Pass (PL(IK)), Social Visit Pass (Temporary Employment), Student Pass, Long Term Social Visit Pass (PLS) and Dependent Pass.


Who should apply for Professional Visit Pass (PL(IK))?


Foreigners who serve as professionals or experts on a short-term basis in Malaysia MUST apply for Professional Visit Pass. The scopes for this pass are as follow:


1.                   Invited / Visiting Lecturers 

2.                   Invited / Visiting Professors

3.                   External Examiners

4.                   Fellow / Fellow Assistant

5.                   Research Assistants

6.                   Speaker for Seminar / Course / Training / Symposium / Conference

7.                   Presenter for Academic Paper

8.                   Consultant 

9.                   Technical Advisors

10.               Horse’s Trainer

11.               Jockeys

12.               Volunteer

13.               Internship Program / Short Term Study

14.               Experts in Tools and Machineries Assembly

15.               Experts in Tools and Machineries Maintenance

16.               Experts in Tools and Machineries Repairing    

17.               Experts in Assembly of New Product on available Tools and Machines   

18.               Experts that are considered suitable by Immigration General Director of Malaysia 


For long term working / employment purpose, foreigner has to apply for either Employment Pass (EP) or Social Visit Pass (Temporary Employment) (PL(KS)). For more details of EP please refer and For more details of PL(KS) please refer .