Under normal circumstances, Malaysian High Commission / Embassy / Mission in India is issuing visa to Indian national and foreign national who is ‘bona fide’ residents of India.

It’s always advisable for tourists from other national who visit India to apply for Malaysian visa in advance from their home country to avoid any disappointment.


The following are the additional / supporting documents required for other nationals to apply for Malaysian visa:


         i.            Statement of account from any bank in India;

       ii.            Lease agreement for any residence in India;

      iii.            Proof of working in India in the form of employment visa together with supporting letter from company (with company letter head);

      iv.            Proof of study in India in the form of student visa together with copy of student pass / card and supporting letter from institution with institution’s letter head;

        v.            Proof of long stay in India e.g. residential permit or long term visit pass;

      vi.            No Objection Letter from the embassy of country of origin (COMPULSORY); or / and

     vii.            Invitation letter / other supporting document(s) (if any).