The following may apply for Visa Without Reference (VTR) from Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi, India:


(i)         Diplomatic passport holder;

(ii)        Official passport holder;

(iii)       Ordinary passport holder (with invitation from the government of Malaysia);

(iv)       Ordinary passport holder (with invitation from Government Linked Company in Malaysia – with supporting / invitation letter – original preferable); and

(v)        Businessman and investor (with letter from company, financial statements for the last 3 months, statement of shares, copy of credit card, visiting card etc.).


Other than the category mentioned above, Afghanistan national is required to apply for Visa With Reference (VDR). The said visa shall only be applied at the Malaysian High Commission in New Delhi with all the following requirements:

  • A letter of application which had been submitted by the applicant, received from the Malaysia Foreign Mission / Representative office
  • Form Imm.47
  • 2 Recent photograph of applicant
  • Copy of applicant's passport
  • Sponsor's identification card
  • Sponsor's undertaking letter
  • Security Bond


Only after the approval of the application, the applicant may apply for stamping / endorsement of visa. For visa stamping / endorsement purpose, application can be submitted through our authorized / registered travel agencies. The following are the documents required for Malaysian visa application* :


(i)         Passport** (original and copy);


(ii)        Visa Application Form (IMM.47-Pin.1/97);


(available at visa counter / registered visa processing agencies or can be downloaded from ***);


(iii)       2 recent passport size photograph (in white background);


(iv)       Confirmed returned air-ticket;


(v)        Letter from the applicant;


(vi)       Letter from applicant's Ministry / Department / Agencies / Company / Organisation / Institution;


(vii)      Invitation letter / covering letter / supporting document(s) (if any);


(viii)       Supporting letter / ‘Third Person Note’ (original preferable) from Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Kuala Lumpur (not applicable for diplomatic and official passport but preferable)


(ix)      Payment of visa fee in Demand Draft (INR 300.00) in favour of ‘Malaysian High Commission’ and payable in Delhi; and


(x)     Copy of the Demand Draft (payment of visa fee).


*        Visa application is processed in 3 WORKING DAYS.


**       Validity of the passport shall not be less than 9 months. 6 months validity is required for the requirement for entry and another 3 months for the minimum validity of visa.


***     If you download the form, please print on both side of an A4, printing on two pieces of paper will not be accepted. Hand writing is acceptable when the applicant fill in the form.


****    VDR application is ONLY processed in 3 working days.


Note: Under normal circumstances, Afghanistan passport holder will be granted Single Entry Visa (MEV) valid for 3 months.